The London College

How to Apply


If you are applying for FULL TIME undergraduate courses such as HNC, HND or Degree starting in September, you should apply through UCAS.

The UCAS Institutional Code for The London College is: L62.

When applying you also need to know a JACS code, also known as UCAS code, for your course e.g. 001N.  Please make sure that you copy the Code Names and Code Numbers correctly onto the UCAS Application Form.

Simple to follow instructions have been provided at www.ucas.com/students/apply/ to make it as easy as possible for you to fill in your UCAS application.  UCAS provides comprehensive information the application process.

Start Dates

Students can start full time/part time courses at The London College in September and January of each academic year.

Closing Dates for Applications

UK/EU Students

On-time applications must be made between 1st September and 15th January.  The closing date for UCAS on-time applications is 15th January.

Late applications (received after 15th January) will be considered up to 30th June, but applying late may reduce your chances of being accepted.  Applications received after 30th June will go into the Clearing Scheme.
If you are applying for courses starting in January, you must apply by 31st December.  Late applications will be considered up to 31st January, but applying late may reduce your chances of being accepted.


Undergraduate Part-Time Courses

If you are applying for an undergraduate part-time course, you should apply directly to the college.  You must apply online.
Application Procedure:

  1. Select the course which is right for you.
  2. Scan your documents and save in a PDF or JPEG format.
  3. Apply online directly to the College
    at https://www.lcuck.ac.uk/oa

In addition to your on-line application you will be required to upload copies of the following documents:

  • Photo Page from your Passport
  • UK Birth Certificate
  • International Students (non-UK/EU nationals) who reside in the UK must include a copy of the valid Visa.
  • A Digital Passport Size Photograph.
  • Qualifications, e.g. copies of Certificates, Academic Transcripts etc.
  • References: 1 Academic and 1 Professional or 2 Academic References or 2 Professional References if you have been out of education for more than 2 years.

When do I need to apply?

Direct applications are accepted throughout the year.
However, to ensure that your application is processed on time we suggest that you apply by:

  • 31st August – September entry
  • 31st December – January entry

How is my application processed?

  • When we have received your Application Form it will be considered for admission.
  • UK/EU Applicants may be interviewed in person or by telephone.
  • Successful applicants will receive either a Conditional Offer of admission or an Unconditional Offer of admission.

Conditional Offers: under the terms of a Conditional Offer, applicants are requested to provide evidence of pending qualifications that will allow them to meet the course entry requirements, for example, degree, A-level or English test results.

Unconditional Offers: are issued to applicants whose qualifications fully satisfy the entry criteria of their chosen programme in terms of Qualifications, Personal Statement, References and, in some cases also, interview.