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Entry Requirements

What you will cover

Year 1

  •   4HC 501 Social Approaches to Health and Wellbeing
  •   4HC 502 Psychological Approaches to Care
  •   4HC 503 Working with People
  •   4HC 505 Health Policy and Social Trends
  •   4HC 506 Understanding Physical Health Conditions
  •   4HC 507 Ways of Knowing

Year 2

  •   5HC 500 Safeguarding Children
  •   5HC 503 Public Health and Health Promotion
  •   5HC 505 Critical Issues in Adult Care
  •   5HC 506 Practice-Based Learning 1
  •   5HC 507 Researching Health and Social Care

Year 3

  •   6HC 500 Resourcing and Social Enterprise in Health and Social
  •   6HC 502 Practice Based Learning 2
  •   6HC 504 Managing People, Services and Resources
  •   6HC 998 Independent Study

Careers and employability

Professional Recognition

How to Apply

Please scan your supporting documents, such as a photo, passport, visa, qualifications, references etc. before starting the application form. You will also need access to your e-mail. New Students landing page

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