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Programmes Offered

Postgraduate level - Postgraduate Diploma award

Programme TitleQualificationUCAS Code
  Business Computing Postgraduate Diploma  48542
  Enterprise NetworksPostgraduate Diploma  48549
  Hospitality & Tourism ManagementPostgraduate Diploma  45926
  Information SystemsPostgraduate Diploma  48544
  International Engineering & Manufacturing ManagementPostgraduate Diploma  48545
  International Finance ManagementPostgraduate Diploma  48765
  International Human Resource ManagementPostgraduate Diploma  48546
  International Relations & DiplomacyPostgraduate Diploma 39094
  Leadership & Management in the Health & Social Care SectorPostgraduate Diploma  48547
  Marketing ManagementPostgraduate Diploma  48548
  Paralegal PracticePostgraduate Diploma  49037
  Strategic Management & Leadership Diploma 38941
  Sustainable ICTPostgraduate Diploma  48550


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